Need to Read?

If you’re like me you are a voracious reader. It was the deciding factor in choosing my career, what degree I obtained in college, and my future dreams and goals.

While you may not take your need to read that far, you do want to find great books to entertain you.

I have several suggestions. Some are personal favorites. A few are authors I have worked with. And others are classics that are worth reading again.

NOTE: I am not being paid to promote any of the novels I suggest here.

In The Bar Scene, the author moves her characters past a 1-night stand into a full-blown romance. It’s a fast fun read.

BarScene  secretsoftherighteous  throughthereddoor

If a hardboiled crime novel is more your style, then the scarred WWI vet turned beat cop in Secrets of the Righteous is one I recommend.

Through the Red Door is for the reader who likes mature characters, have established careers, and then life throws them a curve, putting them together, looking to overcome odds to find true love.

Are you into women’s fiction? More specifically women’s detective fiction? Then Where the Crawdads Sing is for you.

wherethecrawdadssing  wildfireandroses480 davidwolfseries

Wildfire and Roses is an adventure, long-distance romance that threatens the happiness of two young people in love.

Mystery and Thrillers are my favorite genre. And when the author makes a series with the main character, then I’m thrilled. The David Wolf Mystery Thriller Series

These are just a few of my picks. Please check them out. If none of my favorites interest you, please send me an email of your choices. I’d love to hear from you and post your choices on my blog.








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