Great Fiction vs So-so

Late last year, as I struggled with my own writing, I asked a man I am intimate with to explain the creative techniques he develops. He stated, “What I do is much like fiction writing. I create a character, a plot, suspense; add a twist or turn, and end with a surprise plus pleasure. I manipulate the situation so you/your readers unexpectedly receive gratification in a satisfactory way.”

I am ashamed to say, I never noticed the similarities. And then again, I grew mortified over the fact I forgot the basics of creating a great story. Over the next few months, I’ll dedicate my blog to define and flesh out my friend’s advice and post them here.

Let me say, everyone is different in how they approach writing. This is just one of many. And, if you’re stuck like I was, it may be the jump-start you need to get back on track.

Beginning the week of February 11th, I’ll look at characterization. What attributes your character should possess to stand out among the crowd. In the months afterward, I’ll discuss plotting your story, but not be so rigid as to stifle your characters. Add suspense. We all need a bit of it within the story to keep the reader’s interest. You don’t have to write thrillers or crime novels. Even a YA coming of age or Women’s fiction novels have their own type of suspense. Which leads to a twist or turn, I most often forget to really make shine. Yes, I use them but overlook its importance. Finally, we’re all suckers for happy endings and adding that surprise, pleasure, leaving our readers satisfied is the last part of this blog series.

Note: Some discussions will be given over several weeks. Some will be short and take only a post.

I hope you’ll enjoy the series. Stop by whether you’re a seasoned or novice writer, and invite your friends.






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