During the interim…

What are you doing to relax during this time of isolation? The virus we deal with directly or indirectly resembles the plot from a Sci-Fi novel.

Some may criticize me as callous, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Since I am not a first-responder, a doctor or nurse, work in a service type industry, I am at home wondering, hoping, praying, for those directly affected by the coronavirus.

I am doing my part in my own way. However, not letting go increases our fear, worry, heaping tons of stress upon our minds and bodies. I am not suggesting we stop looking for ways in our own situation to assist others. But we cannot do this 24/7.

So what am I doing during this interim?

I’m reading. That’s common for an editor. I have new queries, new stories by authors who are writing more stories because they’re at home unable to go to their day-job.

I read for pleasure. After a long day of finding, fixing, commenting, “let’s revise this, omit these words, double-check for proper punctuation before and after dialogue,” and on and on, I enjoy reading a novel that someone else edited.

My favorite genre is mystery/suspense. I don’t mind a bit of thriller within the pages either. I’m a sucker for a badass heroine whose flaws are splashed across the pages, but she longs to find her balance of femininity. I certainly like the strong hero as well.

That’s still an isolating activity. Spring is in full bloom. Right now, the doors are open, birds chirping throughout the neighborhood and wind chimes tinkle from a slight, cool breeze. I finished my last cup of coffee on the deck. Houses crowd in behind me, some sit a football field away. Trees nestled between the homes meet my glance. Pops of red and white buds are interspersed among shades of green on already bloomed trees.

Children’s voices drift up to where I sit on my deck. The rush of water from the Harpeth and the pond provides background noise. I text family and friends staying up-to-date on how they are.

My critique partners and I hold phone chats on where we are in our writing. My friend in Arkansas and I watched Knives Out and discussed the movie, Daniel Craig in particular. I suggested we read a book and share our likes and dislikes of the story, taking a book club review to text messages. I gather my comfort food around me, coffee and a doughnut or a glass of wine, while we pick apart the plot.

I walk. When I cannot get out, I am lucky (or unlucky from some perspectives) to live in a three-story home. Lots of stair-climbing. I cook. It ranges from healthy soups to Saturday morning French-toast.

So, what are you doing? I’d love to hear what’s going on in your life.

As long as we look to uplift one another, we will get through this tough time.

Stay well. Stay safe.




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