Author Spotlight: Sadira Stone

Through the Red Door

If there is such a thing as a perfect client, then author Sadira Stone holds that title. I have had the pleasure of working with her since she queried her series, The Book Nirvana, to The Wild Rose Press.

Runaway Love Story, book two in The Book Nirvana series was a Stiletto Contest Finalist in 2019 for Contemporary Romance Writers erotic romance novel category. Love, Art, and Other Obstacles, book three in The Book Nirvana Series, won Oklahoma Romance Writers of America’s 2020 Best Erotic Novel. She went on to submit, Gelato Surprise. A novella for our Wild Rose series, One Scoop or Two, and 2020 winner of Oklahoma Romance Writers of America Best Erotic Short.

Now she’s self-published four novels in her Bangers Tavern Romance. So far. Set in Tacoma, Washington, enjoy the lives and romances of the staff at Bangers Tavern. They’re a feisty independent, and fun-loving bunch.

There is more to come from this author. Two short stories I just finished editing will be included in an upcoming anthology Zodiac Encounters along with Mia London, Renee Luke, and other authors.

After knowing her for several years, her characters project her own adventurous personality.

Please take the time to check out Sadira’s website and purchase a novel or three or four. You’ll love her characters as much as I do.


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