Judi Mobley

Hello, authors, businesses, up and coming writers.

I have a love for written words. It began with my first visit to the school’s library in fourth grade, and I’ve never fallen out of love.

I am an avid reader of all fiction genres, mystery and suspense being my favorite. I have also been known to read nonfiction books from time to time. And as a college adjunct instructor, thousands of essays.

I’m going to let you in on a secret, two actually. I am a writer. I began writing in my teens and planned to pursue a journalism degree upon graduating high school. Life took a turn, I had a child, married, and focused on my family. At the age of thirty, I entered college, obtaining both Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. The first story I turned into the professor, I knew my words would wow him. I received the assignment. It was marked, thankfully in green ink, and every paragraph on every page, he noted mistake after mistake.

I went home and cried. For hours. Then, I dried my tears and read every comment over and over. The longer I looked at them, I knew he was right. He showed me, through examples and, more importantly, knowledge and compassion what worked and what did not.

He challenged me, and I stepped up and faced him boldly by the next class.

What happened that day leads me to my next secret. I still write. Not as often and no, I do not have a lot of works published. Here is my reason. I appreciated the time he took with me, and it inspired me to help others.

Assisting authors and writers like yourself is my driving passion.

Education is where I cut my teeth in editing. Guiding students to write using the proper elements in essays is only half of teaching college composition. The other half is editing their stories. Over seventeen years, thousands of essays crossed my desk. It’s copy-editing at its core.

Online publishing allowed me to pursue a career in fiction. By far, my most rewarding job to date is with The Wild Rose Press (TWRP). I joined their team of copyeditors in 2014. It afforded me the opportunity to learn the business, and I paid close attention. TWRP allowed me to grow, and in 2017 rewarded me for my hard work. I moved from proofing to editor. I work directly with authors. It is inspiring, assisting them with their stories, keeping their style, yet polishing manuscripts to make them shine. I see myself as coach and cheerleader. It is the most rewarding part of my job.

As you can see, my editing experience is diverse. My work ethic is impeccable. I am organized and punctual. I push myself to meet and exceed deadlines while maintaining high standards I set for myself. Whatever your needs are I strive to develop the highest quality for my clients. Thank you for stopping by. It will be my pleasure to assist you in making your story, whatever it is, market worthy.

Judi Mobley