Judi Mobley

Hello. Thanks for stopping by.

I began college at thirty. I hold a Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. My early career focused on teaching basic level college writing to first-year students. I was hired as the first online college professor at APSU for the Department of Languages and Literature. For the next sixteen years, I taught for  APSU. I worked for a short time with American Continental University. While I enjoy teaching, becoming an editor of fiction is my career focus.

But, it was teaching college students where I gained my expertise in grammar. Thus, I do not discount the ‘learning’ years as a professor.

As online publishing became popular, it allowed me to pursue my passion for editing and writing. I have worked with three online publishing companies. By far, my most rewarding job to date is with The Wild Rose Press (TWRP). In 2014 I began as a copyeditor. It allowed me to read mostly polished novels for free. However, with my passion for learning the business, I paid close attention. It was there I gained new grammar skills, like placing a tag between dialogue setting them off with commas instead of a period. I also found fiction publishing uses the dreaded Oxford comma and, in fiction, beginning a sentence with coordinating conjunction does not always need a comma after the word. With each job I performed my skills were honed and I am proud to say in June of 2017 I was hired as an editor for The Wild Rose Press.

TWRP allowed me to grow and then rewarded me for my hard work. I accept queries and synopses from budding and published authors. Determine if the story is right for TWRP and the lines I work in. Review and ultimately edit accepted manuscripts. One part of my job is to write rejection letters. No one enjoys getting them and I certainly dislike letting someone know we cannot accept their story. Yet writing them has become another learning tool. TWRP doesn’t send out ‘thank you, but we’re not interested’ style letters. We go in-depth showing areas within the story that need work. I read to find characters, development, use of voice, pace, style, story arcs, etc. and then if the story does not meet TWRP criteria, my rejection letter gives a full explanation of what needs work.

I work directly with authors. The give and take, back and forth communication is inspiring. Assisting authors with their story, working to keep the manuscript in their style, and then having their piece published. I see myself is coach and cheerleader. It is the most rewarding part of my job.

Working for TWRP is rewarding, the two senior editors I work with and the staff is friendly and helpful. It is no wonder The Wild Rose Press has won best publisher in nine out of the twelve years they’ve been in business. And I am excited to be a part of it.

As we all know, publishing takes time. In addition to my fulfilling work at The Wild Rose Press, I take on freelance work to frankly help pay the bills. My work ethic is impeccable. I have worked online since 2002. From editing and grading college essays for twenty-five to thirty students in five, eight-week semesters to copyediting full-length novels every two weeks and reviewing queries of novels within a three week time period, I am organized and punctual. I push myself to meet and exceed deadlines while maintaining high standards I set for myself.

My Portfolio includes copyediting fiction works by Desiree Holt, Lexie Davis, Marla, Monroe, L.J. Vickery, Robena Grant, Susanna Eastman, Gary Pullman, Cate Peace, Nana Prah, Fiona Archer, and Landra Graf to name a few.

In addition, I edit travel pieces from surrounding local writers like Susan Jones. Susan was the owner, writer, and publisher of a magazine for her hometown Paris, Tennessee. She’s since moved on and writes archive pieces in and around middle Tennessee. We’ve worked together editing her stories of the area. It’s fun to learn about one’s home state through writing.

As you can see, my editing experience is diverse. Whatever your needs are I strive to develop the highest quality for my clients. Thank you for stopping by. It will be my pleasure to assist you in making your story, whatever it is, market worthy.

Judi Mobley