Author Spotlight: Sadira Stone

Through the Red Door If there is such a thing as a perfect client, then author Sadira Stone holds that title. I have had the pleasure of working with her since she queried her series, The Book Nirvana, to The Wild Rose Press. Runaway Love Story, book two in The Book Nirvana series was a… Continue reading Author Spotlight: Sadira Stone

Let Your Character Shine

The longer I edit novels, the more I am convinced it's in the writer's DNA to tell a story instead of the characters relating their story. Editing is where the story evolves, takes on a new life. Not only for the character but for the plot, setting, and ultimately for the reader. Telling a story… Continue reading Let Your Character Shine

That Isn’t Essential

What isn't necessary? That. The word. It is overused and often used incorrectly in fiction writing. Most 55-60K word manuscripts I edit that is used at least 500 times often closer to 900. Well over the amount necessary. Are you aware you can omit 95% of them in your manuscript? Why? How? You ask. Fiction, good fiction writing… Continue reading That Isn’t Essential