Music City Freelance Editor’s premier services include authors, fledgling writers, small businesses, and independent travel writers.

MCFE novel editing fees are determined by word count. I provide a sample edit, 5-10 pages. I may ask the author to send not only a few pages from a single chapter or random chapters. Once I have completed the sample, I return a stylesheet suggesting the best service for your story with the fee structure.

However, at times an initial evaluation of the job may not be accurate. If MCFE determines a more in-depth edit is needed a thorough explanation is given, and the author has the option to accept the new plan with increased fees or stick to the original. Music City Freelance Editing will honor the author’s desires, performing the task agreed upon. If the author changes his/her mind during the process then Music City Freelance Editing will endeavor to assist the author’s wishes, time permitting, but a new contract and fee will be negotiated.

MCFE adheres to Chicago of Manual Style standards.

Whether it’s reviewing, editing novels, or business publications, Music City Freelance Editor’s goal is to make you and your work stand out. MCFE will work with clients to determine the best possible fee structure to meet their needs, regardless of the package.


Initial Evaluation: $75.00

The first five-ten, 8 1/2 X 11 pages. Basic assessment of plot, tone, voice, pov control, grammar and spelling

Proofing/Final line edit (Beginning @ $0.005/word)**

* Correction of all spelling, capitalization, and punctuation issues

* Errors in grammar, syntax, and word usage

* Suggestions if paragraphs seem overly wordy/convoluted/repetitive.

This is a great package to help polish the final product.

Standard Edit (Beginning @* $0.007/word)**

* Revise sentences and paragraphs

* Adjustments to sentence structure to improve clarity and flow

* Assistance with redundant sentences or vocabulary. This package is suggested if the manuscript is in the final draft stages but requires some polishing.

Developmental Edit (Beginning @ $0.009/word)**
* Identifying and captivating a particular audience
* Structure organization, including the arrangement or placement of certain passages, scenes, and chapters
* Assessing character motivation and consistency
I recommend this package if the manuscript is in the early draft stages. Note: Authors are always welcome to submit their first three chapters during this stage as a gauge.

Timeframe: Depending on word count and service, I strive to have manuscripts back in the author’s hands within 2-4 weeks.

*The caveat beginning @ in my service prices was added after much deliberation. Authors requested proofread or standard edit only to find their stories were not complete. Errors consisted of 800 or more for a 60k-word novel. To make your novel market-ready, the change in service prices are necessary. 

Book Review:

Indie or first-time authors struggle to garner significant attention to their novels. I have written reviews for best-selling romance authors since I became an editor. You can trust me to do the same for your novel. I pride myself on giving honest, unbiased feedback.

This service entails two parts. The first an editorial review. Fee: $50.00. This price is well below market value. In fact, in my own research of editorial reviews, many begin at $400.00+.

Business Editing Services

MCFE business editing fees are determined on an hourly basis. I am proficient in MLA, APA, and CMOS styles. However, as a former college professor, learning other styles is quite easy.


($25.00 per hour)

* Developmental editing of publication. It is a detailed edit researching sources for accuracy, commenting and suggesting revisions, and grammar and spellcheck.


($22.00 per hour)

* Final line proofing, grammar, and spellcheck.

**Discount available on the purchase of two or more novel editing packages. Initial Evaluation*** service is free with the purchase of Developmental or Standard Edit.


 All services shall be paid through PayPal.

Packages exceeding $100 require a 50% initial deposit. At 75% completion, the remaining 50% will be invoiced and payable upon receipt. 

Manuscripts exceeding $500 require a 35% deposit. After 75% completion, the remaining 65% will be invoiced and payable upon receipt. If the client needs to divide payment into three parts, please let me know during the planning stage. I am willing to work with the client.