Let Your Character Shine

The longer I edit novels, the more I am convinced it's in the writer's DNA to tell a story instead of the characters relating their story. Editing is where the story evolves, takes on a new life. Not only for the character but for the plot, setting, and ultimately for the reader. Telling a story… Continue reading Let Your Character Shine


That Isn’t Essential

What isn't necessary? That. The word. It is overused and often used incorrectly in fiction writing. Most 55-60K word manuscripts I edit that is used at least 500 times often closer to 900. Well over the amount necessary. Are you aware you can omit 95% of them in your manuscript? Why? How? You ask. Fiction, good fiction writing… Continue reading That Isn’t Essential

Rejection Hurts your Editor

Writing rejection letters happens to be my biggest task as a contract editor for The Wild Rose Press (TWRP). And it isn't pleasant. I do not enjoy writing them, yet they are a must. At times, I reject with suggestions to revise and resend. Most of the time, I thank the author and move on.… Continue reading Rejection Hurts your Editor


As my client base grows, so does my exposure to different writing styles. Some automatically show instead of tell, use active verbs and sensory details, while some do not, and most fall into the category that uses a combination of all styles. It is in this last category that I notice the majority of the authors… Continue reading Prepositions

Ellipses or Em Dash

The upstart em dash has been butting her head into fiction more and more in the last few years replacing the tried and true ellipses. Why? With that question, others arise. Don't they serve the same purpose? When should I use the em dash instead of the ellipses, where, and how do I write them.… Continue reading Ellipses or Em Dash