Working with Judi Mobley as my editor was like working with my muse. Judi is supportive yet incisive when she spots something worthy of change. She finds and inspires the beauty in every word, paragraph, and scene. Judi has an obvious passion for her chosen career that is infectious. I highly recommend her to anyone.

Bob Richard, Author of the Award-winning Autumn Breeze.

Music City Freelance Editing/Judi Mobley

After completing a 127,000-word novel, my professional writer cousin recommended Judi Mobley and her company, Music City Freelance Editing, to clean up my work of fiction and make it presentable for publication. It was a good reference. A painstaking initial review first occurred with a host of minutia handled automatically. Then a comprehensive list of correctional changes was generated for an author-generated review and response. Finally, publication formatting occurred for both print and online publishing, still with a careful eye out for corrections. Music City’s work was both highly professional and offered a pleasant relationship with an online personality.

Jim Gamble, Author of Rise of the Phoenix

Judi helped me develop the concept I came up with that was perfect for the storyline of my second novel. The idea was there, but I struggled to expand upon it. She listened as I described my issues, took my request to only edit certain areas for development, and made those scenes come alive. Her suggestions were very insightful.

Judi was prompt and professional. She has vast experience in the editing, publishing, and writing industry. She definitely showed me how to improve on my concept. I am confident she will help anyone improve their writing skills.

I highly recommend Judi and Music City Freelance Editor for your editing needs.

Hope Malory, Author of Wildfire and Roses

Wild Rose Press Testimonials

Stellar work! Sadira Stone

Through The Red Door

Judi, thank you for all your support and encouragement!! It means the world to me!! It’s going to be nice to see our hard work on Beautifully Damaged come to fruition!! Cheers to many more!


Laura Pavlov

The best money I ever spent!

Joy Allison, up-and-coming author